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Candles, Nativities and the Finest Art Gifts for the Holidays
December 05, 2014

Candles, Nativities and the Finest art

Illuminated Art! - Candles of the Illumined!

Introducing for the first time here, Illuminated Art's exquisite Biblical Ivory Candle Line and the Angel Faces Line. See the candles on our website but better yet come to the store and see them on display. They are even more wonderful than their photographs.

David Kupferman's Latest Work

We just finished hanging a fabulous new show of David's most recent work. See the ever-changing exhibits of his latest pieces.

The Divine Mother Project

Tonight could be the last time to see "The Divine Mother Abode", a collection of "bigger than life" photographs by Marc Baraka Strauch each carefully printed on the finest silk, shown here all together in one place, one last time before they move to another gallery.
This is the last chance to choose one in person at a special price for his Fairfield friends. What a perfect gift for you and your home!

Marc has returned to town offering us one more opportunity to meet him, see the inspiring collection of his work, and hear his stories from his very meaningful travels to India, Italy and other parts.

Also Fun New Jewelry!

Ancient Glass found in the Ancient Times Jewelry Line and Modern Glass Pops in April's hand made Flamework Brooklyn Bead Goddess Line

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