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Crest Jewel proudly presents the complete Collection of Photographs on Silk by Marc Baraka Strauch
July 03, 2014

The Divine Mother Abode

At First Friday's Art Walk this Friday, July 4th, Crest Jewel will have the Grand Opening Celebration of "The Divine Mother Abode", a collection of photographs by Marc Baraka Strauch each carefully printed on the finest silk. This is the first time his large billowy silk portraits of the Divine Mother can be seen altogether in one place. Marc will also be showing for the first time publicly, and for this one night only, a series of slide shows he has created, each set to music.

He has just finished his MA in film through MUM and if we're lucky he will also share a few minutes of the film from his final thesis.

This will be a rare opportunity to meet the artist and see an inspiring collection of his work and hear his stories from his very meaningful travels to India. Everything comes together for July 4th at our store on the center of the square as we all celebrate freedom and Fairfield's big birthday event.

You can see this collection on silk through the summer.

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