Since Valentines Day will be here very soon
we have extended our Sale on the
Mia Katrin Collection until then.

As we enter this new year of Hope and Celebration Crest Jewel begins a new chapter in its long history in both Fairfield and the world community. We want to thank all of those who came before us and kept this beautiful store as a sanctuary filled with the most celestial adornments and accoutrements for this collective curious journey called life. Please keep telling us of the things you’d like to find here as we continue to joyfully offer to the community your own creations and as well offerings you have discovered during your personal adventures.

We wish you a glorious year ahead and invite you to explore the pages of our web site featuring pictures of Mia Katrin creations. Please also mention this referral if you happen to find the perfect gift on Mia’s web site. When you think of a gift that will always be remembered there is a time, a place and a feeling of connection with the one you love. Imagine making this Valentines Day, 2009 the year that will always be remembered and treasured for years to come.

Now is a once-only opportunity for you to have that beautiful necklace you've been desiring or to make a memorable heirloom-quality gift for this very special occasion at a very significant discount. Contact us for details and pricing. This winter we are limiting the hours at our Fairfield Store to one day a week (Saturdays from 10:30 to 4:30) and by appointment. Contact us by telephone and we will work to be available at your convenience.

Crest Jewel
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February Hours:
Saturdays: 10:30-4:30
and frequently by appointment
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