Crest Jewel, Fairfield's Gift and Jewelry Showroom
and Fine Art Gallery

Welcome to the “Jewel” of Fairfield, Iowa, USA - founded 42 years ago with the intention of offering to its early customers “Nature’s Most Precious Gifts”. 

November's ArtWalk features gallery shows throughout the town!

At Crest Jewel - New and Returning Artists:

2 new artists:

Jane du Brin - Graphite sketches of Maharishi

John Lakrofka, Washington, IA Artist -  "memories from Mediterranean ports of call"

Returning Artists:

Silversmith, Margaret Zacny:

New Paintings by David Kupferman:

New Paintings by Terrence Kennedy


It's the season to make an appointment for a photo shoot: the first step towards a custom Higher Essence Photo Portrait, the personal portrait that will be treasured for generations.

Latest Work:


Higher Essence Portraits

Brahmananda Saraswati

Mixed Media Photo Paintings

Richard Trice's Mixed Media Surrealism Inspired by Nature

In addition to our “Brick and Mortar” store in Fairfield our web site continues that tradition.

Our name comes from the famous text of the sage Adi Shankara translated as “The Crest Jewel of Discrimination” in which he asked and answered the eternal question:

   “What is the most important thing?” 

“A gift given at the right time.”

If you visit Fairfield, stop by our shop just off the square. Spring, Summer and Fall we are open most afternoons, some mornings and evenings. You can see the sandwich board on the sidewalk in front when the store is open. In the winter (January-March)we often open at lunch time. If you see the sandwich board we're there!

Coming Soon: The Opportunity to Shop Online and Pick Up at the store including gemstones beads and gems.

Also visit our new Facebook Shop.

Perhaps this site will inspire you to visit our town some day and meet the many creative individuals from around the world who have moved here and contribute to our jewelry and gift collection!

Please be patient as our site is still a substantial re-work in progress