Latest Art from Our Gallery

Fairfield's ArtWalk Celebration takes place the first Friday of every month. Walk through our virtual galleries to see the latest painitngs on display in our brick and mortar store here in Iowa.

To connect to each Artist's page, click the pictures below to see their most recent paintings.

Terrence Kennedy

Mixed Media: Photos and Water Color on Paper

As this observant photographer's eye for detail captures the moment he then reinterprets with paint and papers showering the viewer with color and energetic patterns.

David Kupferman

Acrylics on Paper or Canvas

Inspired by Gandharva music or improvisational jazz, he paints in the rhythmic moment colorful windows into our deepest nature

Miriam Hospodar

Gemstone Paints and Gold on Paper

A master of detail, using the finest brush and paints made from gemstones, months and sometimes years in the making, each is her meditation.

We choose art that fills us with wonder. Art is a gift that can connect us to our inner self.