Nature's Gemstones

We choose precious gemstones for astrological prescription, healing and most importantly beautiful jewelry.

Favorite Navaratna Design
Citrine hand cut with amazing pattern

At Crest Jewel we focus on natural stones without any treatments. These are getting harder and harder to find and are priced accordingly.

Gemstones are inherently beautiful whether natural, treated, or even created in a laboratory by the "hue-man".

For most of our purposes here at Crest Jewel lack of treatment is preferred. We look for stones in their original most natural state.

We also pay attention to our customer's purpose for the stones. For a gem prescription for the enhancement of wellbeing we prefer natural un-treated stones. If you  have a color request for a particular design element some treatment might be useful to"pop" the color and in that case synthetics could possibly be a good thing.  Lab created stones can be completely magical. Adding the hue-man creative element when the crystal is forming can make the process an artform. Phenomenal visual effects in one case occur when man and nature intersect through nano technology on the quantum mechanical level:

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Sometimes stones are heat treated with focused sunlight. Sometimes fire or other forms of extreme heat are used for a desired effect that some feel do not conflict with the nature of the stone for example if it is already a "warm" stone like a ruby. Many  colors in stones do not develop without heat. Natural coloring took place because of heat in the earth so many miners and gem dealers feel that a heat treatment made after the gem is mined may even have a more gentle effect for the stone than what could have happened in nature.
Details about treatments for stones are often a well guarded secret. Laboratories can usually determine many types of known treatments and certify to some degree which can give buyers a feeling of security. It adds to the price of the stone but is suggested for more expensive stones.

We try to disclose at least the nature of the treatment and whether it is mild or harsh. It can influence the price. But even though untreated stones are in high demand a highly treated stone can be enhanced in such a marvelous way it will command a very high price because of its spectacular beauty.

Each stone is as unique as the person who falls in love with it.  Remember you will always be the one who will know best which stones "speak to you"

What follows is an assortment of possibilities for you with links to lots more information.