Latest Art by David Kupferman

David Kupferman's colorful abstracts and landscapes bring a feeling of peace and inner joy now in demand for their soothing influence in places for healing and introspection.


David knows color.

He's mastered the blues. His music though is gandharva Indian music and jazz improv.

His art speaks to us in the blissful inner language we all recognize in those silent moments.

After many years as a successful painter in Boston, David Kupferman moved his studio to Fairfield, Iowa. Though he continues to show his work in galleries across the country, Iowa's wide horizons revealing phenomenal sunsets or star studded skies, the tangible lively experience of pure consciousness and the deep camaraderie amongst fellow artists have inspired him to make Fairfield his home.

The “seascapes” so popular when he lived in Boston are also popular in Iowa especially with the east/west coasters who miss the water element when they move here.

To see his full collection you can link to David's Art website for his biography and artist statement. Many of the paintings on that site can be made available for viewing by appointment at Crest Jewel's Main Street store. David’s studio is nearby. Whether you collect his work or are just discovering him you might catch him one early afternoon in the gallery between lunch on the square and his drive to his studio.