Ancient Times Jewelry

In Ancient Times jewelry was precious. Bill Hurlin has turned into precious jewelry for today an exquisite collection designed with unique items recovered from the ancient past.

"As part of a fascination with early cultures, I have collected antiquities for many years.  I am continually amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship of ancient artifacts, and love to create beautiful and interesting jewelry that shows them to best advantage." - Bill Hurlin

Each artifact is rare, and has its own story to tell.

Bill obtains ancient artifacts from reliable antiquities dealers, many of whom he has dealt with for decades. Each necklace, bracelet or earring is specifically designed for the artifact it surrounds and is carefully crafted from high quality materials.  Many pieces also include ancient or vintage beads. A written description of the artifact(s) incorporated into each piece and a certificate of authenticity is provided along with every piece.

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N128 Phoenecian Beads
N224 Tell El-Amarna Lotus Bud Bead
N158 Roman Military Belt Decoration
N280 Egyptian Bes Amulet
N293-Viking Bronze Fibula
N180 Roman earring with Roman beads
N248 Bactrian Scorpion Stamp Seal
N294 Medieval Silver Pendant
N233 Celtic Silver Axe Amulet
N279 Syro-Hittite Amulet

It's a thrill to hold in your hand:           

  • a Greek arrowhead from the time of the Trojan war,
  • a stone seal from Sumer used over 4000 years ago,
  • a protective amulet from ancient Egypt,
  • a pendant worn by a Viking around 800 AD.

We have traveled and stood on many ancient sites throughout the Middle East where great civilizations from the past once flourished. Occasionally one sees an especially beautiful stone protruding from the sand, the remains of the wall of someone's home or one finds a small shard of pottery in the dust. We always say If these pieces of the past could talk what a tale even they would tell. We find the jewelry in this collection to be made from unique treasures that offer a beautiful and fascinating energetic window into the past and we trust you will too!